Thursday, August 16, 2007


Right now a blissful peace reigns! The grandchildren and their mums and dads have returned to their respective homes in the UK, Galicia and Madrid, after a fairly exhausting family get-together during the first fortnight in August.

The top photo shows Cilla sharing her 'siesta' time with six of our grandchildren!

It was a fantastic opportunity for cousins to relate, as some of them only see each other about once a year. As for Cilla and I, of course it was really great to have them all. But now, having cleared up the toys, books, DVDs, etc., we are enjoying the peace and quiet of an almost empty house! Must be getting old!!!

Bottom photos: (1) Andrea & Savannah; (2) Jessica & Nadine; (3) Fun at the pool; (4) Break for an ice-cream.