Saturday, June 30, 2007

'Home' church website mission slot

Our 'home' Christian congregation, Roxeth Green Free Church, have placed a nice (albeit, brief) write-up about us in the 'mission' section of their website. Click here to access the page.

It's strange, though, that they have chosen a photo of Cilla and me at Snowdon National Park to accompany the text - the photo on the left. Maybe that's where they think Spain in located?!!

Video about Godly Play

Click here to watch an excellent 6-minute introductory video to Godly Play. It's presented by Linda Clapp, an accredited GP trainer from the United States

You can also access the video from the right-hand margin on this page ('Multimedia').

Friday, June 01, 2007


During this past month of May, there have been no invitations to lead Godly Play seminars or workshops. So, Cilla and I took a few days off to visit our son, John Paul, and his family at their hotel in Galicia, north-west Spain. These times always give me the chance to practise some of the Godly Play stories with my grandchildren. As soon as I arrive at their house, Danny, the youngest member of the family, always asks me if I have brought any of the wooden figures that are used in Godly Play. These children are my guinea pigs, especially for trying out what are for me new lessons. Their reactions to the stories are very helpful... and they just love Godly Play, so it's all mutually beneficial!

This time we shared the stories of 'The Good Shepherd and World Communion', 'The Holy Family', 'Jesus and the Twelve' and 'The Mystery of Pentecost'. In addition, the children took part in a crafts session to make their own set of the 'Good Shepherd' materials.

More photos HERE