Saturday, June 30, 2007

Video about Godly Play

Click here to watch an excellent 6-minute introductory video to Godly Play. It's presented by Linda Clapp, an accredited GP trainer from the United States

You can also access the video from the right-hand margin on this page ('Multimedia').


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I came on here searching for info about visiting a friend in Barcelona - searching for a an evangelical church to recommend to her - and found your site. Marvellous because:
1> My wife teaches music at a Church school in London and will LOVE your site, and
2> We're off to meet some friends this evening from Thatcham (we saw your daughter lives there!).

We're not one for putting email addresses on the Internet - how could we contact you (if that's ok)?

David said...

Please visit my Spanish language Godly Play blog: Then scroll down to find an e-mail button in the right-hand margin.

I hope you can contact me that way!

Anonymous said...

Dear David, I am a seminary student in Indonesia that is writing a thesis on "Implementing Montessori Method in the Children Sunday School". I am very happy to find your website, but unfortunately I could not open the video presentation on Godly play. Can you help me? I would like to use it a little bit on my presentation at 1st December 2011. Thanks a lot for your kindness and help!


David said...

Dear Yohana,

I'm afraid your comment slipped under my radar... and I have just picked it up! Thanks for pointing out the error in the link to the video. This was due to the Godly Play Foundation in USA changing their website some time ago. I have changed the link to, hopefully, a more stable one on YouTube. It seems to be working at the moment.

I hope your presentation went well in December, despite your problems in accessing the video.