Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Godly Play introduction in Granada

On Saturday 14th November, I was in Ogíjares (Granada) leading a Godly Play introductory seminar that included a general presentation of the method and also offered the participants a chance to learn some of the Old Testament sacred stories for themselves. Sixteen teachers from several different churches and schools in Granada came to the seminar: the Mosaic fellowship, Cristo de la Yedra R.C. school, Inmaculada Niña R.C. school, the R.C. parish church of San Miguel Arcángel, the Iglesia Evangélica Española (IEE - Methodist/Presbyterian), the Baptist church... Here is some of the participant feedback following the seminar:
  • I would like to see Godly Play used in practice with a group of children. It has been very interesting. It would be good to have a workshop set up for the creation of Godly Play materials, maybe coordinated by the future GP Spain association.
  • It's a great way to evangelise. I would like to attend more workshops for every aspect of Godly Play: 'door persons', 'storytellers', crafts people, etc.
  • I love the similarities between this approach and the Sunday Eucharistic celebration.
  • I'm looking forward to practising this at home with my own children.
  • It can be easily applied to mixed gender and age groups. The material is very resistant and durable, and re-useable for different lessons.
  • A good method to share God's truths and teachings. Right from early childhood, it invites people to see God as very close, as it encourages wondering and personal involvement.
  • I think this a a great way to tell children Bible stories.
  • I would like to learn how to use this to teach my students and children Catechesis.
The seminar took place on the premises owned by Mosaic, a Christian community which has been practising Godly Play for about 2 years. They have a dedicated classroom in the town of Ogíjares, near Granada, as well as most of the story materials.

Besides Godly Play, Mosaic has also run sessions on Living in a Fragile World, Godly Play style activities on ecological issues, conservation & citizenship. They have done this experimentally in the open air with all-age groups.

On Sunday 15th November, the day after the seminar, I took part in an ecumenical activity based on two Godly Play stories (the Parable of the Leaven & the Parable of the Deep Well). Children and adults from several Protestant, Catholic & Moslem communities or families attended this event.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Godly Play in Portugal

Cilla and I spent last weekend (7-8 November) in the north of Portugal. I had been invited by my colleagues in Scripture Union Portugal (Uniâo Bíblica) to take part in the closing events of their 60th anniversary celebrations.

On Saturday, I led a Godly Play introductory session for a group of 24 Sunday school teachers and church workers from four different local congregations in Oporto. There was a good response from the participants and this has laid the foundation for a more extended return visit in the New Year, and perhaps presentations in Lisbon, too.

Besides the Godly Play introduction, I was also asked to bring greetings from Scripture Union Spain (Unión Bíblica) at the main anniversary celebration meeting held at the First Baptist Church of Vila Nova de Gaia, near Oporto, and the following day to preach at the morning service in the Missionary Church of Braga.

All my contributions took place in Spanish, which most of the people there seemed to understand without the need for translation.

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