Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Godly Play introduction in Granada

On Saturday 14th November, I was in Ogíjares (Granada) leading a Godly Play introductory seminar that included a general presentation of the method and also offered the participants a chance to learn some of the Old Testament sacred stories for themselves. Sixteen teachers from several different churches and schools in Granada came to the seminar: the Mosaic fellowship, Cristo de la Yedra R.C. school, Inmaculada Niña R.C. school, the R.C. parish church of San Miguel Arcángel, the Iglesia Evangélica Española (IEE - Methodist/Presbyterian), the Baptist church... Here is some of the participant feedback following the seminar:
  • I would like to see Godly Play used in practice with a group of children. It has been very interesting. It would be good to have a workshop set up for the creation of Godly Play materials, maybe coordinated by the future GP Spain association.
  • It's a great way to evangelise. I would like to attend more workshops for every aspect of Godly Play: 'door persons', 'storytellers', crafts people, etc.
  • I love the similarities between this approach and the Sunday Eucharistic celebration.
  • I'm looking forward to practising this at home with my own children.
  • It can be easily applied to mixed gender and age groups. The material is very resistant and durable, and re-useable for different lessons.
  • A good method to share God's truths and teachings. Right from early childhood, it invites people to see God as very close, as it encourages wondering and personal involvement.
  • I think this a a great way to tell children Bible stories.
  • I would like to learn how to use this to teach my students and children Catechesis.
The seminar took place on the premises owned by Mosaic, a Christian community which has been practising Godly Play for about 2 years. They have a dedicated classroom in the town of Ogíjares, near Granada, as well as most of the story materials.

Besides Godly Play, Mosaic has also run sessions on Living in a Fragile World, Godly Play style activities on ecological issues, conservation & citizenship. They have done this experimentally in the open air with all-age groups.

On Sunday 15th November, the day after the seminar, I took part in an ecumenical activity based on two Godly Play stories (the Parable of the Leaven & the Parable of the Deep Well). Children and adults from several Protestant, Catholic & Moslem communities or families attended this event.

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