Thursday, February 10, 2005

Car crash!

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Last Saturday afternoon, my son, John Paul, and his family (Mari Angeles, Andrea, Zaret and Daniel) were travelling by car to Galicia, the north-west region of Spain. They were planning to spend a week redecorating their new house. Near the town of Santiago de Compostela, they were involved in a near-fatal car accident. While overtaking another vehicle on a bend on the motorway at 120 km/hour (70 mph), they suddenly found themselves approaching a third vehicle which had just been abandoned by its driver and passengers... and was lying right across the fast lane! It was impossible to avoid a full frontal collision. John Paul's car is now a complete write-off (cf. photo above). However, thankfully, both he and the rest of the family managed to survive the accident with only minor cuts and bruises. Mari Angeles was the worst affected with blows to her chest and legs, mainly through the impact of the air-bag, and the children also had grazes from the seat-belts. None of the occupants of the other vehicles suffered casualties. Finally, all the witnesses, police officers, hospital staff and garage mechanics, who were either at the accident scene itself or saw the subsequent state of the vehicle, agreed that it had been a sheer "miracle" that the whole family had not been killed outright!

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