Friday, August 19, 2005

'Holidays' in Galicia

This summer, Cilla and I spent a working holiday in Galicia, northwest Spain. We were helping our son, John Paul, and his family move house and begin their preparations for establishing a rural guest house.

We hired a truck to take personal belongings and new furniture. Here are John Paul and his wife, Mari Angeles, unloading stuff.

While John Paul and Mari Angeles worked inside the house, laying floors and getting the guest bedrooms ready...

I spent most of my time outside, attempting to drive back the jungle and working to restore the original gardens.

Cilla joined us later. She had a reduced number of English classes which she was able to continue imparting by internet and telephone tuition from her new location in Galicia.

As the final results reveal, the effort was well worth it. However, this is just the first stage of the 'rural hotel' project. Although, the house is already open to guests, further stages include building an extension to the main building so that accommodation for customers can be increased from four double bedrooms to six, each with en suite bathrooms. So... there are likely to be more 'holidays' in Galicia in the near future! If you are interested in using these facitilies for your own holiday in Spain (or you would like to come and help!!!), please follow this link for further information: Hotel Rural Andanzas.

By the way, there was time to get away from all the work and relax! Here we are visiting Finisterre (Spain's 'Land's End').

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