Saturday, August 08, 2009

Back to blogging here!

It has been quite awhile (2 whole years, in fact!!!) since I last updated this blog. Meanwhile, the main item of news has been the move Cilla and I made last summer to Galicia, the northwestern region of Spain.

We now live on the sea coast in a small fishing town called Portosín. Most of the year is very quiet, the town and nearby beaches being practically deserted from September through to the following June. However, in July and August tourists come from many parts of Spain and beyond to enjoy the cooler weather and excellent cuisine of this holiday resort. As well as its beaches, Portosín also boasts a well equipped nautical dock. Here are some pictures from my Flickr site.

Although we are quite a distance away from our provincial capital, A Coruña, the regional capital and important pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela is only a 45-minute drive away - and that's also our nearest international airport.

One of the reasons why I have not kept up regular updates on this blog is that most of the immediate day-to-day news and personal stuff can now be found on my Facebook and Twitter sites. If you have not discovered those yet, please take a look.

I also manage the Unión Bíblica / Scripture Union Spain's blog, their Facebook page and Twitter site, as well as their Children's Ministry blog... all in Spanish. Furthermore, I continue to administer the Godly Play Spain blog in English and the equivalent Spanish language blog, as well as the Godly Play España Facebook group (in both languages) and a Yahoo! discussion group (in Spanish). All this keeps me quite busy, apart from the regular travelling involved in leading training events and other activities with SU Spain.

I have now decided that this English-language blog will be updated periodically (as time permits), but only for fairly major news and details focusing mainly on ministry matters, rather than on family items. For the latter, both Cilla and I have our own Facebook sites.

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