Wednesday, June 28, 2006

London: Godly Play Enrichment Day

On Thursday, 22nd June, at London Diocesan House (C of E), I took part in a Godly Play Enrichment Day. There were about 60 people attending - mainly from Anglican and Methodist churches from various parts of the UK. I flew in from Spain especially to take part in the event, which, as well as being a one-day refresher course, also provided the requirements for re-accreditation as a Godly Play teacher.

Apart from the introductory and concluding sessions, the rest of the time was spent in groups of about 15 participants. The Enrichment Day was planned around new stories that will shortly be published in volume 6 of the series The Complete Guide to Godly Play. Specifically, we were able to interact with the stories of Sarah, David and Isaiah and view prototype materials for these stories.

The leaders and co-ordinators of the event were: Rebecca Nye, the director of empirical research for the global community of Godly Play, and senior researcher at the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University; Peter Privett, the Godly Play Regional Training Consultant for the UK and Europe; Cyndy Bishop, a Godly Play trainer who, before recently moving to the UK, was the director for Children’s Ministry for one of the largest churches in the USA; and Alison Seaman, an expert on the application of Godly Play to school RE.

Peter Privett presents the story of Isaiah

Prototype material for the stories of Sarah, David & Isaiah

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