Sunday, June 04, 2006

Seminar in Barcelona

On 18th May, I was invited to speak on the topic of 'Sunday School' at the CEEB Bible Institute, in Barcelona. The event was part of a series of seminars on the theme of Christian Education.

Seventeen people attended the seminar, representing churches in and around Barcelona. The contents of the seminar included:
1) a summary of the origins of the Sunday School movement, a critical assessment of the 'school model' which many local churches have inherited, and a brief look at alternative models for church-based education.
2) a review of recent investigations into Child Spirituality which, together with insights from Developmental Psychology and Theology, need to inform our work with children in the local church.
3) a sample of Godly Play.

This last part consisted of a presentation of the Creation story (Genesis 1:1 - 2:3). Finally, the participants in the seminar were able to reflect creatively on this sacred story, through the typical Godly Play wondering questions, and draw connections to church-based educational practice.

The concept of 'education' in Spanish also includes the notion of 'child rearing'. This is explicit in some of the other seminars in the programme organized by the CEEB Institute:

· Biblical principles in education
· Moral education & discipline
· The father's role in education
· The mother's role in education
· School education

(Photos by courtesy of AGDE)

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