Saturday, May 05, 2007

Godly Play in Jumilla (Murcia)

On Saturday 21st April, I led a Godly Play introduction day in a town called Jumilla, in the province of Murcia. Twenty-three people from 5 churches in the region took part in the event.

Here's some of their feedback:
  • "I found this method very interesting and I would like to learn more about it."
  • "The day has been a great blessing because I have learned a lot about the need to reach people's heart with simplicity, the importance of silence and not to intervene too much or interrupt play in order to impose our doctrine."
  • "Everything was great. It's an interesting approach for children and young people. It doesn't only teach you Bible, but other things like education."
  • "It seems to me to be a special way of teaching children, and older people too, important aspects of God's word. It's clear, simple and, above all, fun."
Click here for more photos of the Godly Play introductory day.

Taking advantage of the Godly Play seminar en Jumilla, on Sunday 22nd April I was invited to use the same method in a children's class at the church. There were eight children present, plus some teachers and parents. The boys and girls responded very well to the story of Jonah, the Backward Prophet.

Besides the seminar and the children's class, the weekend also included presentations of Godly Play to two youth groups (in Jumilla and Archena), with an attendance of approximately 50 young people, and also as part of the sermon in the church's evening service.

Click here for more photos of the children's class.

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