Saturday, May 05, 2007

Godly Play workshop in Salou (Tarragona)

On Saturday 17th March I led a third Godly Play workshop at the Spanish seaside resort of Salou (Tarragona) - although I never get to enjoy the beach! The workshop centred on the 'Liturgical Action' genre of Godly Play, more specifically on the Advent stories. Seventeen trainees from three local churches took part in the 8-hour workshop.

Taking advantage of my stay in Salou, there were other opportunities to present Godly Play stories. On the Saturday evening, after the workshop, I led a Godly Play story with about 15 young people. And on Sunday I took a children's class with about 20 boys and girls who responded well to the Godly Play approach. Finally, in the evening service, there was a chance to present a Godly Play story as part of the sermon.

Click HERE or HERE to view more photos of the workshop.

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